Shintaro Ohata’s creations step beyond the borders of a two-dimensional canvas. The Hiroshima-born artist became known for his lifelike scenes combining traditional 3D and 2D objects. By placing eloquent sculptures in front of his paintings, the artist draws the viewer into a visual game based on the intersection of artistic forms. Every piece resembles a film still, yet involves meticulous work: for the most part, the sculptures are crafted by hand. The three-dimensional figures give their creator complete artistic freedom: unrestrained by the flat surface of a painting, he can express virtually any idea.

It took the self-taught artist a while to discover his signature technique that would give his works a more realistic feel without changing his painting style. ‘I was and still am inspired by the painting in the backgrounds of film and theatre,’ explains Ohata. ‘This was when I came up with the idea of making sculptures physically extending themselves out of paintings.’

The cinematic effect in Shintaro Ohata’s works is largely achieved through lighting. The artist realistically renders every kind of light in our daily lives, from sunset and sunrise to artificial lights in cities. These strong light effects emphasise the drama inherent in the everyday.

Where can I get some?

Collecting day-to-day trifles – the rain, a gust of wind, the silent contemplation of a candle flame or a moment of farewell – Shintaro Ohata encourages us to pause and listen to the protagonists’ inner monologue. This moment is then transformed into eternity and may serve as the starting point on a journey towards the source, ‘the place where it begins’ – one’s childhood. It offers the chance of complete immersion in every sensation, be it loneliness, surprise, delight, or bittersweet sadness.