About Us


Erarta Philanthropic Foundation (Erarta Gemeinnützige Stiftung) is a non-profit private philanthropic organisation, registered in Austria with the Austrian Federal Register of Foundations. Erarta Foundation aims exclusively to support and popularise contemporary art for the benefit of the general public and art enthusiasts.

We support artistic creation in the fields of interdisciplinary artistic practice such as: visual arts, photography, sculpture, installation and multimedia, amongst others. Additionally, we fund artistic projects that aim to deepen the audience’s knowledge, passion and appreciation of contemporary art.


Liu Bolin (China),
Willem van Weeghel (Netherlands),
Mario Testino (Peru/UK),
Zhuang Hong Yi (Netherlands/China),
Nick Veasey (United Kingdom),
Matthew Brandt (USA),
The Bounty KillArt (Italy),
Andreas Wannerstedt (Sweden),
Shintaro Ohata (Japan),
MARCK (Switzerland),
Max Zorn (Netherlands).

Collaborated Institutions

The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
The Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin, Germany
The Salvador Dali Foundation, Switzerland

Connecting with art

Meet The Artists

Mario Testino (2)

Mario Testino

Barranco, Lima

Matthew Brandt (2)

Matthew Brandt

Los Angeles, USA

Cecile Plaisance

Cecile Plaisance

Paris, France

Zhuang portrait SDG

Zhuang Hong Yi

Sichuan, China

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton


Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Figueres, Spain

Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin

Shandong, China

Our Mission

ERARTA Foundation

Initiated in the 2010s, Erarta Foundation is a unique example of not-for profit philanthropy globally, due to its focus on audience participation and support of emerging artists.

As a reflection of our times, the Erarta Foundation embraces all genres of contemporary art from all creative fields, ranging from: architecture, fashion and design as well as the more widespread forms of painting, sculpture, video art, photography and performance art. This testifies to the Erarta Foundation’s commitment to its blend of rigor and eclecticism which opens up contemporary art and renders it more accessible to the public.

Recognized on the international artistic scene and hailed by the public, the Erarta Foundation distinguishes itself by its inquisitiveness, innovation and heterogeneity.